08 Februari 2008


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[sfti] Classroom Exchanges through ICT Winner
Asia-Europe Foundation baru-baru ini mengumumkanpemenang project yang dirancang di Serres,Thessaloniki, Yunani. Kebetulan saya dan teman-temanmengerjakan project Asia-Euro Money Online bersamanegara Philipine, Swedia, Polandia, dan Indonesia.Alhamdulillah hasilnya mendapat Excellence Award. Sayalampirkan ini dengan harapan dapat memotivasiguru-guru lain, dan hal ini tidak serumit dan sulityang diperkirakan. Anak-anak cukup enjoy dan wawasanmenjadi bertambah luas. Terima kasih.http://www.aec. asef.org/ enews/Dear AllIn this issue of the AEC-NET e-news, we are sharingwith you the much-awaited results of the AEC Awardsfor 2006/2007. First, please let me convey myappreciation to all the Project Groups who havesuccessfully completed the AEC Projects that wasdeveloped at the last Conference in Greece.The quality of the projects was very outstanding. Uponconsolidating both the online vote results as well asthe evaluation by the panel of judges, the finalresults for Phase II of the six (6) project groupswere either very close or on par with one another. Inthis context, ASEF has decided to confer the AEC Awardto all these six (6) AEC Project Groups shortlistedfor Phase II of the online votes. Each of the AECProject Group will be awarded a cash prize of Euro1,000.Congratulations to the AEC Project Groups and thankyou everyone for your contributions and support forthe AEC-NET!Ramon MolinaDirector, People-to-People ExchangeAsia-Europe FoundationAEC Award WinnersThe AEC Award (cash prize of Euro 1,000) will beconferred to each of thefollowing AEC Projects*:All AhoyCultural Kaleidoscope 2007FoodTaboos@VirtualH omestayMastering Media – The SequelWhen Nature CallsYoung DiplomatsThe cash prize could be used either to further developthe winning projects,or to initiate new ICT collaborative projects. Formore information on thesesix (6) Award winners, please click here.*AEC Projects listed above are not arranged in orderof merit.Excellence Award CertificateIn view that all the Project Groups have contributedsignificantly to the AEC Projects, ASEF is pleased toconfer the Excellence Award Certificate to thefollowing successfully completed AEC Projects for2006/2007:Asia and Europe MoneyGoing Global FamilyLocal Industry and EnterpriseLocal Traditions and Ceremonies – Traditional Forms ofTheatrePeace Project 2007The World in a Book 2006Congratulations again to the AEC Award Winners as wellas to the other AECProject Groups! Well done!New AEC Project for 2007/2008Journey Through JournalismThis project aims to train Asian and European students(12 – 18 years of age) to develop their journalisticwriting skills while striving to be well-informed ofthe news issues and events and other information intheir and other countries that are significant topeople for one reason oranother. These would involve writing of editorials fordiscussion of issues, news and feature for events andinformation. The project co-ordinators will worktogether to come up with a user-friendly, educational,informative, collaborative Internet space available toall of the partners (i.e., the Moodle Virtual LearningEnvironment (VLE)). This is a secure passwordprotected space that will allow student-participant sto upload their work, to store and share and tofacilitate communication within the project. Featuresinclude journalistic writing tutorial boards,discussion boards, display boards, and calendarsdesigned to facilitate collaborative work.Please clickhere to view the project factsheet.Continuing AEC Project for 2007/2008 Mastering Media Goes DigitalIn its third edition, the Mastering Media Goes Digitalproject will continue and focuses on how young peopletoday use different technology in their daily lives –to learn, to communicate and to spendtheir free time. The students will look for relevantresearch and statistics from their countries aboutyoung people (if available) and compare this to theirrealities. Groups will, for example, deal with the useof mobile phones, computers, or Internet securityissues. The final group tasks will be discussed anddecided on by the participating teachers and modifiedwith the students once the project starts. Inaddition, an online social network will be created forstudents to socialize in.Please click here to view the project factsheet.Copyright (c) 2007 Asia-Europe Foundation31 Heng Mui Keng Terrace, Singapore 119595.Email: info@aec.asef. org============ ========= ========= ====Sopyan Maolana Kosasih, S.Pd.www.sopyanmk. wordpress. com============ ========= ========= ====Send instant messages to your online friends http://uk.messenger .yahoo.com

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